Dumb Waiter

Dumb Waiter

Upper Transaction Unit

Technical Specifications : Dumb Waiter
Loading Capacity (Kg)300, 450, 750, 950
Gear Ratio1/40, 1/42
Break Voltage (DC)110v, 220v
Oil Capacity (Ltr)2.75 (Approx)
Weight Capacity (Kg)250 to 500 (Approx)

→ Varsha Dumb Waiter Elevator Units are designed and manufactured for goods transportation from one floor to another successfully utilized to increase service through decreased cost by reducing distance between people.

→ Varsha Dumb Waiter Unit is the perfect choice for any lift 50 feet or less. It is capable of speed of 0.3 m/s. with load carrying capacity 150Kg to 750Kg.

→ It is suited for moving a variety of times from laundry in a hotel to food and dishes in restaurants, school, churches and clubs from lifting heavy files and office supplies in banks, offices and labs to maintenance equipment in factories.